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A Hybrid Imagination


with Steen Hyldgaard Christensen and Lars Botin

(Morgan & Claypool Publishers 2011)

Synthesis Lectures on Engineers, Technology and Society


Available both as e-book and print on demand.






       Hubris and Hybrids 

           with Mikael Hård (Routledge 2005)

         Reviews in:

           Nature (December 2005)

           American Historical Review (December 2006)








The Making of Green Knowledge

(Cambridge University Press 2001)

Also available as e-book.

Reviews in:



in Swedish: Miljö som politik (Studentlitteratur 2003)






The Intellectual Appropriation of Technology

Editor, with Mikael Hård (MIT Press 1998)





Music and Social Movements

with Ron Eyerman (Cambridge University Press 1998)







       Seeds of the Sixties

            with Ron Eyerman (University of California Press 1994) 








Social Movements. A Cognitive Approach

with Ron Eyerman (Polity and Penn State Press 1991)


in Swedish: Sociala rörelser i en ny tid (Studentlitteratur 2005)




Other books

The Making of Green Engineers: Sustainable Development and the Hybrid Imagination (Morgan and Claypool, 2013)

Sociala rörelser: politik och kultur (Social Movements: politics and culture). Editor, with Åsa Wettergren (Lund: Studentlitteratur, 2006)

Technology Studies and Sustainable Development. Editor, with Harald Rohracher (München and Wien, Profil Verlag, 2002)

Technology Policy Meets the Public. PESTO Papers 2. Editor (Aalborg University Press, 1998)

Public Participation and Sustainable Development: Comparing European Experiences. PESTO Papers 1. Editor, with Per Østby (Aalborg University Press, 1997)

The Making of the New Environmental Consciousness. A Comparative Study of the Environmental Movements in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands, with Ron Eyerman and Jacqueline Cramer and Jeppe Læssøe (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1990)

From Research Policy to Social Intelligence. Essays on Science and Politics. Editor, with Jan Annerstedt (London: Macmillan, 1988)

Keeping Science Straight. A critical look at the assessment of science and technology. Editor (Gothenburg: Dept of Theory of Science, 1988)

The Biotechnological Challenge. Editor, with Staffan Jacobsson and Harry Rothman (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1986) Japanese translation 1989

Technological Development in China, India and Japan. Cross cultural Perspectives. Editor, with Erik Baark (London: Macmillan & New York: St. Martin's, 1986)

National Components of Scientific Knowledge. A Contribution to the Social Theory of Science Doctoral thesis in theory of science. (Lund: Research Policy Institute, 1982)

The Steam-Powered Automobile: An Answer to Air Pollution (Bloomington & London: Indiana University Press, 1970) Spanish translation 1973



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