Andrew Jamison

Curriculum Vitae 

Born August 22, 1948, Santa Monica, California, U.S.A.



B.A. (Bachelor of Arts), magna cum laude in History and Science, Harvard University, 1970. Dissertation, "Science Policy in Yugoslavia and Romania".

Ph.D. in Theory of Science, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, February 1983. Dissertation, National Components of Scientific Knowledge. A Contribution to the Social Theory of Science.

Docent in Theory of Science, University of Gothenburg, September 1987

Docent in Science and Technology Policy, University of Lund, January 1988



Science editor, Harvard Crimson, 1967-68

Student intern, Science magazine, 1968
Member of editorial group, Natur och Samhälle (Nature and Society), 1978-1987
Editor, Lund Letter on Science, Technology and Basic Human Needs, 1978-79
Staff writer, Retort, newspaper for the UN Conference on Science and Technology for Development (UNCSTD), 1979
Editorial consultant, UN Center for Science and Technology for Development, Advanced Technology Alert System (ATAS) bulletin, 1983-85

External lecturer (Science and Society), University of Copenhagen, 1976-1984
Visiting associate professor, Department of History, University of California, Los Angeles, 1985-86

Associate professor, Research Policy Institute, University of Lund, 1988-1996
Course director, Graduate Program in Science and Technology Policy, 1986-1995
Director of studies, Research Policy Institute, 1990-1994

Professor, Technology, Environment and Society, Aalborg University, 1996-2013
Coordinator, PhD program in development and planning, 1998-2002
Coordinator, masters program in environmental management, 2001-2002

Coordinator, doctoral program in planning and development, 2011-2012


Member of committee on technology foresight, Danish Board of Technology, 1998-99

Board member, Danish Center for Environmental Social Science, 1998-2000

Danish representative, EU network on environmental higher education, 1998-2003

Guest professor, Malmö University College (Malmö högskola), 2003-2008


Research Projects/Grants

1970-73: "Swedish Environmental Science Policy", supported by American-Scandinavian Foundation, Fulbright Commission, and Swedish Board for Technical Development

1982-84: "Technology and Culture," with Erik Baark, Jon Sigurdson and Aant Elzinga (and collaborators in India, China and Japan). Research program supported by the Swedish Committee for Long-term Motivated Research

1984-87: "National Programs in Microelectronics," with Jan Annerstedt (Roskilde University Center), Ulrik Jørgensen (Technical University of Denmark), Hans Glimell (Tema T, University of Linköping). Project supported by research councils in both Sweden and Denmark

1985-89: "Environmentalism and Knowledge," with Ron Eyerman, Dept of Sociology (Lund) and Jacqueline Cramer, Department of Science Dynamics (Amsterdam). Project supported by Swedish Humanities and Social Science Research Council (HSFR)

1988-89: "The Cultural Dimension of Biotechnology Policies in the United States, Japan and Denmark," with Erik Baark, Dept of Social Science, Technical University of Denmark. Project supported by Danish Social Science Research Council

1989-93: "The Cultural Dimension of Science and Technology Policy in Developing Countries: China and Vietnam in Comparative Perspective," with Erik Baark. Project supported by the Swedish Agency for Research Cooperation with Developing Countries (SAREC)

1989-93: "Intellectuals and the Scientific-Technological State," with Ron Eyerman. Project supported by HSFR.

1991-94: "Global Warming and the UN System," with Gan Lin and Erik Baark. Project supported by SAREC and DANIDA

1992-94: "Technology and Ideology," with Mikael Hård and Aant Elzinga. Project supported by HSFR

1993-95: "Closures and Openings in the History of Automotive Technology," with Mikael Hård. Project supported by the Swedish Transport Research Board

1994-97: "Social Movements and Cultural Transformation," with Ron Eyerman. Project supported by HSFR

1996-98: "Public Participation and Environmental Science and Technology Policy Options" (PESTO). Supported by European Commission and the Nordic Program for Environmental Research. Project leader (coordinator).

1997-2000: "Between State and Movement: The Industrial Appropriation of Pollution Prevention," with Eskild Holm Nielsen and Arne Remmen. Supported by the Danish Strategic Environmental Research program

1998-2001: "The Transformation of Environmental Activism" (TEA). Supported by European Commission. Partner

1999-2002: "Non-governmental Organizations and Biotechnology Policy," with Jesper Lassen. Supported by Danish Ministry of Agriculture.

2001-04: "Analysing Public Accountability Procedures in Europe." Supported by European Commission. Partner

2002-04: "Contexts of Mediation in the Public Assessment of Genetic Technologies (COMPASS)" Supported by NOS-S (The Nordic Committee for Research Cooperation in the Social Sciences). Partner

2004-07: "Emerging Methods in Nano-Patterning." Supported by European Commission. Head of advisory committee

2010-2013: "Program of Research on Opportunities and Challenges in Engineering Education In Denmark" (PROCEED). Supported by the Danish Strategic Research Council. Coordinator


Teaching experience

Organizer and teacher for courses in "science and society" and "technology and culture" on numerous occasions between 1974 and 1995 at University of Copenhagen, Roskilde University Center, Lund University, and University of Gothenburg

Organizer and teacher in course on "Science: Its Theory and Practice," held for Arab Federation of Science Councils, Baghdad, 1980

Organizer and teacher in four courses in history of technology and science, University of California, Los Angeles (1985-86)

Organizer of masters program in science and technology policy, and teacher in basic course: science and technology in society, and course in theory and history of science and technology policy, Lund University, 1986-95

Organizer and teacher of undergraduate program in science and technology policy, University of Lund, 1994-95

Organizer and teacher in courses in "technology, humanity and society," for first-year science and engineering students, Aalborg University, 1997-2008

Organizer and teacher in graduate level courses in environmental politics and theories of science, Aalborg University, 2001-2013

Organizer and teacher in courses on theory and methods of environmental science and social movements and politics, Malmö University College, 2003-2008

Organizer and teacher in course on perceptions of technology (teknologiopfattelser), Denmark's Technical University (DTU), 2010


Supervisor for 36 masters students:

21 in the masters program in science and technology policy in Lund

10 in the masters programs in international technology planning, environmental management, urban management, and development and international relations in Aalborg

2 in the European masters program in science and technology studies (ESST)

1 in the masters program in environmental sciences in Lund (LUMES)

2 in the joint European masters program in environmental science (JEMES)


Supervisor for thirteen PhD students:

John Hultberg, University of Gothenburg, 1991 (C.P. Snow and science policy)

Gan Lin, Roskilde University Center, 1995 (global warming and the UN system)

Ulf Hjelmar, Roskilde University Center, 1995 (environmental organizations) 

Bach Tan Sinh, Aalborg University, 1998 (sustainable development in Vietnam)

Karsten Bruun Hansen, Aalborg University, 2002 (environmental learning)

Pia Bøgelund, Aalborg University 2003 (sustainable transportation policy)

Trine Pipi Kræmer, Aalborg University, 2004 (environmental policy in Poland)

Søren Løkke, Aalborg University, 2004 (chemical regulation policy)

Niels Mejlgaard, Aalborg University, 2007 (scientific citizenship)

Lars Botin, Aalborg University, 2008 (cultural approach to electronic health records)

Isaac Kwamena Arthur, Aalborg University, 2011 (experience-based innovation)

Shota Furuya, Aalborg University, 2015 (community-based energy planning)

Xi Jin, Aalborg University (engineering practice), in progress