Recent lectures


Theories of Science and Research

This is a series of lectures that I gave in a PhD course at Aalborg University in March, 2012

Lectures 1 (From Science to Research: An Historical Introduction) and 2 (The Emergence of Western Science)

Lectures 3 (Science and Industrialization) and 4 (Science and Modernization)

Lecture 5 (Changing Contexts of Science)

Lecture 6 (Change-Oriented Research)


Turning Science and Technology Green: Sustainable Development and Engineering Education

This is a lecture that I gave at the University of Manchester, the New Jersey Institute of Technology and Chalmers University of Technology in the autumn of 2011, presenting PROCEED (Program of research on challenges and opportunitites in engineering education in Denmark ) that I am coordinating


Electricity and the Hybrid Imagination: Energy Between Culture and Technology

This was a keynote address given at a research seminar that was held as part of the International Design Camp at the Kolding School of Design in Kolding, Denmark on October 6, 2011.


Adapting to Climate Change. Contending modes of knowledge making

This was a plenary lecture given at the conference of the European Society for Rural Sociology (ESRS) in Vasa, Finland, August 20, 2009


Social Movements and Cultural Change

This was a talk given at the University of Stellenbosch, March 3, 2009, while I was visiting South Africa. It presents my ideas about social movements and cultural change with some musical accompaniment


Cultural Aspects of Innovation, including "grass-roots" innovations

This was a keynote lecture given at a workshop on broad-based innovations, organized by the National Advisory Council on Innovation (NACI), in Pretoria, South Africa, February 27, 2009


Art and Technology. Hubris, Habitus and the Hybrid Imagination

1. The View from History

2. Modern Times

These are two lectures that I gave in Aalborg in November, 2008 as part of a new undergraduate education in Art and Technology


Fostering a Hybrid Imagination: Using PBL to Teach Engineering Students About Society

This is a video version of a lecture that I gave at a conference at Aalborg University on problem-based learning in July 2008.


The Quest for Green Knowledge: Mixing Science and Politics in Environmental Governance

This is a talk I gave at the Centre Alexander Koyr in Paris and the STEPS Center at Sussex University in January 2008.