CAL program LDIP

(Learning about digital photogrammetry)

LDIP is a computer-assisted learning (CAL) program which is designed for the education of surveyors and photogrammetrists at university level. The contents is the theory and praxis about the automatic measurement of targets. Theoretical and practical images are used. Tasks are given and an analysis of the answers is carried out. Furthermore, experiments with the influence of the various parameters on the measuring accuracy can be carried out.

Requirements: MacIntosh computers, 480 Kb disk space and 5 Mb RAM.

More information can be collected from literature:

If you are interested in the program ldip.hqx you can download it. The program is converted with BINHEX 4.0. In order to run it on your MacIntosh computer it has to be re-converted by an application like BINHEX 4.0 or Stuff It Expander or Compact Pro. After the re-conversion you have to double click on the icon to unpack 'LDIP'. Use 256 colours in the screen set-up. Good success!

Copyrights: J. Höhle

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