Danish EuroSDR group

Denmark has been a member of the European Organisation for Experimental Photogrammetric Research (OEEPE) since 1953. The organization changd its name to EuroSDR, the European Organization on Spatial Data Research. On this homepage the  Danish activities in OEEPE/EuroSDR are presented, meetings in the steering committee and the working groups with Danish participation will be dealt with as well. Further information can be collected from EuroSDR's homepage .

EuroSDR is structured in a steering committee, several scientific and application commissions as well as working groups.

The Danish representatives are the following persons, who can be contacted for further information or about requested activities.

Steering committee: Joachim Höhle , Aalborg University (AAU) (Prime Delegate), e-mail: jh@land.aau.dk
Lars Tyge Jørgensen, the Danish National Survey and Cadastre (KMS), e-mail: ltj@kms.dk


 1 Sensors, Primary data acquisition and Georeferencing (L.T. Jørgensen, KMS, e-mail: ltj@kms.dk )
 2 Image analysis and Information extraction (B. Olsen, KMS, e-mail: bpo@kms.dk )
 3 Production systems and Processes (K. Dueholm, DTU, e-mail: ksd@imm.dtu.dk )
 4 Core Geospatial Databases
 5 Integration and delivery of Data and Services (S. Buch, BlomInfo A/S, e-mail: sb@blominfo.dk )

Working groups (Participants from Denmark):
Automated Checking of DTMs (Joachim Höhle, e-mail: jh@land.aau.dk )
Change Detection (B. Olsen, KMS, e-mail: bpo@kms.dk )
Information for Mapping from SAR and Optical Imagery
Automated Extraction, Refinement, and Update of Road Databases and Other Data
Digital Camera Calibration
Unconventional Earth Observation Platforms
Tree Extraction

Education Service:

EuroSDR informs about the results of projects by means of an "Education Service". The planning of it is in the hands of a Task Force. Their work can be followed in the next pages . Courses on serveral topics are held by means of the Internet. The next module, Eduserv4, takes place March to June 2007 and will comprise  four courses:

1. Methods for Checking and Improving of Digital Terrain Models

2. Quality of Geospatial Data and the Related Statistical Concepts

3. Mapping with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)”

4. Laserscanning for 3D city models"

Detailed information about the courses can be found here.

Status: November 2006

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