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Recently published articles

Science and Technology in Postwar Europe, to be published in the Oxford Handbook of Postwar European History, edited by Dan Stone Oxford University Press, 2012

Turning Engineering Green: Sustainable Development and Engineering Education, to be published in Engineering, Development and Philosophy: American, Chinese, and European Perspectives, edited by Steen Hyldgaard Christensen, Carl Mitcham, Li Bocong, and Yanming An, Springer, 2012

Knowledge Making in Transition. On the Changing Contexts of Science and Technology, in Science Transformed? Debating Claims of an Epochal Break, edited by Alfred Nordmann, Hans Radder and Gregor Schiemann. University of Pittsburgh Press, 2011

Climate Change Knowledge and Social Movement Theory, in Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change, November 2010

Contextualizing Nanotechnology Education - Fostering a Hybrid Imagination in Aalborg, Denmark, with Niels Mejlgaard, in Science as Culture, September 2010

In Search of Green Knowledge: A Cognitive Approach to Sustainable Development, in Pragmatic Sustainability, edited by Steven Moore. Routledge, 2010

Can Nanotechnology Be Just? On Nanotechnology and the Emerging Movement for Global Justice, in Nanoethics, August 2009

The Historiography of Engineering Contexts, in Engineering in Context, edited by Steen Hyldgaard Christensen, Martin Meganck and Bernard Delahousse, Academica (Aarhus and Copenhagen), 2009

Greening the City: Urban Environmentalism from Mumford to Malmö, in Urban Machinery, edited by Mikael Hård and Tom Misa, MIT Press, 2008

Articles on Environment and Technology from The Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology, Cambridge University Press, 2006  

Social Movements and Science: Cultural Appropriations of Cognitive Praxis, in Science as Culture, March 2006

Genetic Technologies Meet the Public: The Discourses of Concern, with Jesper Lassen, in Science, Technology and Human Values, January 2006

Learning from Lomborg, or Where Do Anti-Environmentalists Come From? in Science as Culture, June 2004




Research reports

Western Science in Perspective and the Search for Alternatives (1994), my contribution to a United Nations University project, published as The Uncertain Quest: Science, Technology and Development, UN University

Public Participation and Environmental Science and Technology Policy Options (1999), the final report of the European Union-supported project that I coordinated from 1996 to 1999

From Innovation to Appropriation: On the Politics of Technoscience (2002), in Focus on Biotechnology, report from the Danish Institute for Analysis of Research and Research Policy

Participation and Agency: Hybrid Identities in the Making of Green Knowledge (2004), in Debating Participation, a report from the Danish Consortium for Environment and Development

Assessing Genetic Technologies in Denmark, with Jesper Lassen (2004), in Mediating Public Concern in Biotechnology, report from the Norwegian Institute for Studies in Research and Higher Education